Amazing beaches! All near the St Moritz Hotel

There are loads of amazing beaches near the St Moritz Hotel, and each one is totally different. We love watching the surfers down at Polzeath, and then pulling on wetsuits to have a go ourselves with the Animal Surf Academy - it’s harder than it looks!

Daymer Bay doesn’t have much surf, but it’s great for swimming, windsurfing, boating or canoeing. There’s also loads and loads of space to run around in or play beach cricket or football, or whatever you feel like. Mums and dads are happy to lie on the beach here while we have our own adventures – and that’s just the way we like it.

The St Moritz Hotel is right above the Greenaway which we think is the best beach in the world. If you grab yourself a crabbing net and some buckets, you can be there all day rockpooling! Our tip is to go at the lowest of low tides – it rocks for sure!!

Daymer Bay
Great for swimming and only 10 mins drive away

Amazing rock pools, Cara shells to collect, and only 5 mins walk away!

Surf’s up! Only 3 mins drive away, or 10 min walk!