Get stuffed! Mini Moritz food and drink for kids

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Cheese Burger & Chips

Pasta with Corgette, Tomato and Basil

Poached Salmon with Broccoli and New Potatoes

Chicken & Mash Potato with Garden Peas

Here at the hotel they treat us Mini Moritzers like proper adults and kids’ tea here is definitely a super supper. No soggy chips and rubbish fish fingers for us thank you very much. Here they make us kids' canapés which look and taste amazing - and lots of them are mega healthy which makes our mummies just as happy as us.

Everyone loves a cocktail, and here at the St Moritz Hotel they’ve come up with some special cocktails, just for us kids. When they see what we’re having, we bet our parents will want one too! They’re packed with fresh fruit and juice and they’ve all got great-sounding names – like Surfer’s Breeze, Cinderella, and Shirley Temple. The Mini Moritz cocktails look so good, we want to try them all.